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The impact of Skokka on publicity for call girls in India

It’s been several years now since this group, specialising in adult marketing, landed on the Asian subcontinent. Specifically, according to data from the website Wayback Machine, the first snapshots of Skokka registered in India go back to late July 2016. Without a doubt, its appearance marks a before and after for all users of call girl websites. Largely men, who, given the country’s size and 1.3 billion inhabitants, had always had to trawl through dozens of small websites looking for the escorts of their dreams. Directories with very similar names, making them difficult to differentiate between and to remember, with content centred solely around women in the sprawling metropolises of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. Concentrating all of the country’s sex marketing on one website, with a brand with an original name, quickly made Skokka a hit in India and it became a go-to for anyone looking for a date with an escort.

What kind of escort services can be advertised on Skokka in India?

The leitmotif of all websites in this field is identical: to satisfy the sexual desires of all adult visitors, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. As such, every user who ends up on a Skokka website in any country can find countless ads for call girls, men, trans people, masseurs and masseuses, and webcam performers looking to have an unforgettable time. As well as the myriad escort services available all over India, there is a range of ads for non-professional men and women looking for everything from sporadic encounters and sexual affairs of varying durations, to soulmates to spend the rest of their lives with. Skokka’s publicity model follows the freemium philosophy, so posting an ad is free, and the poster can then purchase paid-for products in order to make their ad stand out from the rest. The word used for these ads is Top.

Functions and usability of Skokka on their website for call girls in India

The way a user interacts with the website is quite normal: they find a list that corresponds to the place where they want to have their escort encounter, and read through the ads until they find one that captures their attention enough to stop searching further. Although there are some selects where you can find your state or town, given the huge number of states and towns, users in India normally end up on Skokka by searching for their town on Google. Call girl ads on Skokka are simple: they consist of a title, a block of text of variable length and a few photos. The website has a search function which can find any specific word within an ad’s text, but, since they don’t use tags with additional information, users cannot filter ads based on specific features of an escort’s body or sexual services, unless they have indicated such features in the text itself.

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Kawalmakhni is a worthy opponent for Skokka. Will it become the leading website for escorts in India?

If we had to single out the thing most characteristic of our website, without a doubt it would be the veracity of our ads. Online escort services marketing dates back to the beginning of this century, and from the first day, given the anonymity of call girls, people interested in their services are somewhat resigned to the escort they meet not being the same person who appears in the ad. At Kawalmakhni, we have always wanted to have a proactive attitude to this, validating photos before they are posted. You only have to look at the tagline below our website’s logo to see how much we hate fake photos, and we have no qualms deleting thousands of ads who could be paying for our marketing.

Veracity aside, the second most important aspect for us is usability, which we base around two pillars. The first is that, when talking about sex, physical appearance is the principal criterion for users when it comes to selecting an escort, so it’s essential that photos are the star of listings. For this reason, we have always preferred for listings to have a photo-gallery-style design rather than one based around a textual description of each escort, which is the usual focus on most classified ad websites. The second pillar is that, though some users love getting carried away scrolling through ads, most have some basic search criteria in mind, so ads with a tag system that can be filtered makes things much easier.

There are many more, smaller details, such as photo lighting and cropping, the inclusion of videos, the certification of ads, links to external reviews, quick navigation from ad to ad, and so on, that give the Kawalmakhni website an advantage over its competitor, Skokka. That said, users and time will tell which of the two websites manages to be the leader in India of publicity for call girls and escorts.

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